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C-Fit (Shrewsbury)

C-Fit (Shrewsbury)

Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach

C-Fit Shrewsbury - The Trainer behind the Atlantic Ladies

Accelerated Fat Loss and Improving Fitness

Accelerated Fat Loss

Have you tried numerous diets and failed?

Are you reading this because you need the help of a professional who can motivate you and guide you on your own weight loss, health and fitness journey and make you smile about yourself again?

With the help of a professional you know that your dream can come true.

C-Fit can can help you transform your body and the way you see nutrition forever.


Put an end to yo-yo dieting and fad diets that leave you feeling unhappy.

Find a lifestyle change to suit your individual needs that burns off your fat and gives you the happiness of the healthy body you've been wanting. 

Why don't you take the next step to contact me, arrange your FREE initial consultation and put yourself on the road to long term success? The fitter, stronger and slimmer you is out there if you want it.

The Atlantic Ladies

C-Fit Shrewsbury is proud to have been the Team Fitness and Nutrition Coach to the Atlantic Ladies from Shrewsbury, Dianne Carrington and Sharon Magrath.

Training at C-Fit Shrewsbury helped them develop their bodies and nutrition knowledge to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic from the Canary Isles to Antigua, a journey that took them 2 months to complete.

Three world records were set and the Atlantic Ladies now hold the World Records for Fastest Pure Trio and oldest all female trio. Also, Dianne holds record for the oldest woman to cross the Atlantic at 62. 

The Atlantic Ladies chose C-Fit Shrewsbury to help them and they succeeded in realising their dream.

C-Fit Shrewsbury - The team trainer behind the Atlantic Ladies.

Accelerated Fat Loss-Testimonial

"What can I say....I feel more than amazing!!! After looking at a photo, thinking gees how did that happen, I saw Paul and asked for help. I have lost 2 stone, but more importantly I've lost 15 inches (clothes feel great)!!! It's been 4 months, with a holiday thrown in there too, when I wasn't good at all😬. My aim was to lose weight, but what I got, was much more than that....I feel fitter than ever, strong and I can run!!!! I enjoy everything about the sessions, being outside and lots of variety. There is no diet plan to follow, you are coached, which gives you the knowledge to make your own choices and when you see the changes, it definitely motivates you to want more!!! I haven't just lost weight, I have muscle and I love it!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺ🏼 Paul gives such an holistic approach and explains everything, I can't recommend him highly enough, if you want change, contact him today!!! These sessions not only combat weight loss and fitness, but help relieve stress too!!"

"Train SMART - Train like an Atlantic Lady"

Contact Me

Contact Me

To find that healthy body you've been wanting you have to make the first step. The first step is : Contact me and arrange your free initial consultation. 

Nutrition Coaching and Exercise is provided by Paul Clare (European Institute of Fitness - Master Trainer inc Personal Trainer REPs Level 3 & ACSM Fitness and Nutrition Coach)

Team Fitness and Nutrition Coach for the Atlantic Ladies.

CIMSPA  Practitioner (Exercise & Fitness) 


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